A40 Traffic noise: Construction of Sound Barrier for The Bryn is Underway

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, has welcomed news that work has at last begun on the construction of a noise barrier alongside the A40 adjacent to The Bryn.

Nick and local residents have fought a long battle with Welsh Government over many years over the need for action to mitigate noise from the concrete A40 as it passes the village.

Surface dressing has been added to part of the A40 in an effort to reduce noise levels for local residents, and noise absorbing acoustic panelling is also now in the process of being erected to further help reduce noise.

Speaking today Nick said:” I know that residents of The Bryn will be delighted that finally they have a result following many years of campaigning on this issue.

“They will be hoping, as I am, that the new noise barrier combined with the road surfacing dressing will be a great help to reduce noise from the A40. Let’s hope that post-scheme monitoring and evaluation will prove this to be the case so that residents can enjoy their gardens during the summer months this year without  having to endure constant unacceptable traffic noise.”




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