Campaign to resurface the A40

AM for Monmouth Nick Ramsay has renewed his calls on the Welsh Government to deal with the problem of excessive road noise at the Bryn and neighbouring communities along the A40.

The community has been plagued with excessive road noise over many years since the concrete A40 bypass was constructed in the early 1980s.

The Welsh Government recently paid for a noisy stretch of the A55 in North Wales to be resurfaced with a special low-noise 'whisper tarmac, but residents living near the A40 in Monmouthshire are asking why the Welsh Government won't provide the same tarmac for this stretch of road.

Nick Ramsay said, "The original concrete road surface of the A40 was given a lifespan of 35 years.

"As we are now the end of that period it is an appropriate time for the Welsh Government to consider resurfacing options which should include "quiet tarmac" options.

"The top level of concrete has deteriorated and the noise is exacerbated as vehicles cross the rubber expansion joints between the concrete slabs - a common design at the time.

"Local residents are rightly concerned about proposals for a noise reducing fence along the stretch nearest the Bryn which does not shield the whole village and does nothing for neighbouring communities.

"I am asking the Welsh Government to reveal the cost of resurfacing the road and to set a proper timescale for the replacement of this important but ageing stretch of dual carriageway."