A Cancer Patients' Fund for Wales

Nick Ramsay has been campaigning with local residents for a Cancer Patients' Fund to end the scandalous postcode lottery in access to life-extending cancer drugs.  Nick accepted a petition signed by 100,000 people, many of whom were from Monmouthshire, calling for such a fund to enable patients in Wales to access drugs which are readily available to patients in other parts of the UK.

Nick said, "It is a disgrace that as many as 72 life-prolonging cancer medicines are not routinely available to cancer patients in Wales.  Instead patients are forced to go through the bureaucratic, agonising and humiliating fight with their local health board to prove they deserve the drug because they are an exceptional case.

"This postcode lottery has got to stop.  I support a Cancer Patients' Fund, which could be delivered for as little as £20million a year - a fraction of what the Labour-run Welsh Government spent buying Cardiff Airport."