Scrap tolls on the Severn Bridges

Nick Ramsay and local MP David Davies have been campaigning to scrap tolls on the Severn Bridges and were delighted with the UK Government's recent announcement that the tolls will be scrapped altogether once the Bridges revert to public ownership, which is expected in 2018.

Nick said, "The toll to enter Wales has long been seen as a barrier to investment and economic growth in Wales.  I am delighted that Theresa May's Government has confirmed that as soon as the Bridges revert to public ownership, the tolls will be scrapped, giving hauliers, commuters and local people instant relief.

"Scrapping the tolls is a clear statement that Wales and particularly Monmouthshire are open for business.

"Scrapping the tolls is a shot in the arm for the South Wales economy and will help deliver economic security for families in Monmouthshire and the rest of South Wales."