AM accepts 5,000 name business rates petition

Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay has accepted a petition signed by over 5,000 people calling for changes to the planned business rates revaluation, which is set to sting many high street businesses in the new financial year.

Shop owners and local residents gathered on the Monnow Bridge to hand the petition to Mr Ramsay, who instigated the petition in the autumn, after news of the damaging effects the revaluation was likely to have on many small shops.

Nick Ramsay said, “The fact that this petition has been signed by so many people sends a powerful message to the Welsh Government, that our high streets are important to us and we demand action to save them.

“Small businesses are vital to the local economy, but the business rates revaluation will harm many small shops and has already resulted in several having to close their doors, lay off staff or relocate.

“I pay tribute to everyone in Monmouthshire who has backed this petition, including shop owners like Steve Porter, who has been vociferously standing up for high street shops in Monmouth.”


Notes to Editors:

A photo of Nick Ramsay at a protest of local residents and shop owners on the Monnow Bridge on Friday 31st March is attached.