AM Calls for Improved Website Information about Severn Bridge Closures

Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, has received calls for help from constituents  who are unhappy that Highways Agency have removed the user-friendly website advising of Severn Bridges closures. Using the old website it was easy to see, with a couple of clicks, closures of either bridge in one direction for maintenance or carriageway realignment following the removal of the toll booths.

Constituents are complaining that you now have to follow a tortuous route via the Highways Agency website, and search through other road closures on a spreadsheet to get this information. It is no longer straightforward.

Speaking today Nick said: “ The changes to the website seem crazy to me  and totally illogical and unnecessary,

“I will be raising this with Highways England and the Assembly at the earliest opportunity.

“Motorists need the relevant part of the old website re-instated regarding bridge closures or at least something simpler to use that is far less time consuming. I’ll be calling for changes to the website to be carried out as soon as possible.”