AM Calls for Improvements in Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, spoke in the Senedd earlier this week on the need for earlier diagnosis for women suffering with ovarian cancer.

Nick recently hosted a charity quiz night to help raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Action after being contacted by a constituent concerned about delay in diagnosing the cancer.

Speaking in the Senedd Nick said: “My constituent’s wife died on the very day  she was supposed to start treatment for cancer. She was already at stage 4, due to repeated misdiagnosis earlier on in the stages of cancer, over many months. I had a meeting with my constituent with my colleague Angela Burns as well. She was misdiagnosed at various times with irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions. The point my constituent made was that this is a notoriously difficult cancer to diagnose—one of the most difficult, I think, because it masquerades as many other different conditions earlier on in the cycle. My constituent is calling for more research, more investment, into better ways of diagnosing this.  I wonder if we could have a statement from the Welsh Government on efforts being made, with the NHS, to try and improve diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Could you also tell us what support you're giving both to sufferers from this condition and also the families, because it is a very cruel disease that takes people away, often at a young age and with very little warning, certainly in this case. My heart certainly went out to this constituent. So, I wonder if we could have an update from the Government on what can be done in this area.”

In response, it was agreed by the Welsh Government that the health Minister would be happy to write to all Members providing an update on Welsh Government action in this particular area.