AM Calls for Review of Welsh Government Guidance following 111 Decision

Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay is calling on the Welsh Government to review its guidance to local planning authorities following the rejection of a planning application for 111 houses on the edge of the village of Raglan. The Welsh Government had previously “called in” the council-approved application amid concerns it breached Wales’ Wellbeing of Future Generations legislation. A Welsh Government appointed planning inspector has ruled that the development was indeed in breach of Welsh law and should not now proceed.

Speaking today, Mr Ramsay said:

“I welcome clarity on this issue. There have clearly been some major questions hanging over the “111” development since it was first called in by the Welsh Government. The inspector’s report is very clear. This planning application was in contravention of Wales’ Wellbeing of Future Generations Act which requires developments to be sustainable and well connected by public transport, so residents don’t have to rely on the motor car at a time when we are trying to decarbonise the economy. I think to avoid this type of situation in future, the Welsh Government should issue much clearer guidance to local planning authorities so they are fully versed with the increasing complexity of Welsh legislation when they are taking planning decisions. I also think it would be helpful if the Welsh Government reviewed the number of new houses it’s expecting rural authorities like Monmouthshire to build and focussed development where jobs and transport links are more plentiful.”