AM Calls for Welsh Government Support for Zimbabwe

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, yesterday raised his concerns about the plight of Zimbabwe in a question to Eluned Morgan AM, the Welsh Government’s Minister for International Relations.

Nick is a keen supporter of Love Zimbabwe, and welcomed the Welsh Government’s new international strategy, especially if this can provide more support for the local charity and those suffering in Zimbabwe.

Speaking in the Senedd Nick said: “I see from my diary that on Thursday you're hosting an event in the Senedd setting out your international strategy with key stakeholders—Wales on the world stage. Love Zimbabwe will be represented at that event by two of my constituents, Dave and Martha Holman. I hope you get a chance to catch up with them. The situation in Zimbabwe is truly tragic. The joy and hope of just a matter of months ago has now been replaced with more bloodshed and sadness and sorrow. Can I ask that, as part of your renewed international strategy, there is a focus on holding out a helping hand to the people of Zimbabwe, whether they be in Zimbabwe or whether, like my constituents, they be living here in Wales? The people from Zimbabwe that I know really do feel great affection for Wales and are very grateful for the warmth and affection they've had from the Welsh people, so I think it would be excellent if you could look into fostering a relationship with that particularly troubled part of the world.

The Minister responded that she looked forward to meeting the representatives of Love Zimbabwe later this week and confirmed that “as part of the developments in the Wales for Africa programme, Zimbabwe will feature, I’m sure, already in that.”