AM Dismayed No Review of A4042 in Monmouthshire

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, has learned that South Wales Trunk Road Agent and Atkins, on behalf of Welsh Government, are currently undertaking a study to investigate potential transport improvements on the A4042 corridor, but that this only covers the section of the road as it passes through Torfaen to the M4.

Mr Ramsay, when investigating the plans for the study, was dismayed that the Welsh Government is not extending its scope to consider possible improvements to the A4042 as is passes through Monmouthshire.

Speaking today Nick said: “ I’m very surprised, given the substandard nature of the road in Monmouthshire, and the frequent problems with flooding at Llanellen that no study of the A4042 in Monmouthshire is to take place.

“We need a far safer and quicker route through the county when the new critical care centre opens at Llanfrechfa next year. This is an issue I’ve been raising repeatedly with Welsh Government and the Health Board, but my concerns and those of my constituents have been falling on deaf ears.

“Patients needing to be transferred in an emergency from Nevill Hall or elsewhere in this part of the county to the new Grange Hospital will face a journey by ambulance along a narrow and busy road with limited safe passing places, and that’s assuming the road isn’t closed due to flooding at Llanellen.

“I have been assured that a helicopter could be provided to transport patients should this be necessary, but what we really need is a modified trunk road better suited to cope with normal traffic and which is safer and not affected by flooding. I hope the Welsh Government will accept improvements are needed before lives are lost as a result of its failure to take action.”