AM does the Night Shift

Monmouth AM, Nick Ramsay, who is Chair of the Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee, dropped in on Nevill Hall’s Out-of-Hours department on Monday evening to see for himself how the staff are coping with winter pressures.

The visit was part of a new inquiry being conducted by the Public Accounts Committee into Primary Care Out-of-Hours services in Wales.

During the visit Mr Ramsay had the chance to chat with staff and managers about ways that the service could be better supported.

Speaking after the visit, Mr Ramsay said: “I was pleased to be able to drop in on Nevill Hall’s Out-of-Hours service on Monday night.

“I was able to see first-hand how hardworking doctors and nurses are coping with the pressures the service is under, and chatted with them about ways they can be better supported.

“This visit is part of the latest inquiry I have brought forward as Chair of the Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee.

“I look forward to reporting back to the committee and publishing a report with our findings and conclusions in due course.

“It is vital we do all we can to support our hardworking NHS staff, particularly at a time when the demands on them are at their peak.”