AM hears of Anglers' concerns on open access proposals

Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay met Gwent Angling Society’s Secretary Mark Roberts and Vice Chairman Dave Collins last Wednesday to hear of anglers’ serious concerns about Welsh Government proposals to repeal UK Legislation and allow open access to all rivers.

After meeting Mark and Dave on the banks of the Wye at Monmouth, Mr Ramsay said: “Our rivers have a long tradition of angling, attracting visitors from far and wide, thanks to the excellent quality of angling on offer. Anglers pay for their rights to fish, bringing in an estimated £100 million a year to the Welsh economy.

“It is clear that Mark and his fellow anglers feel passionately about their Societies and are justifiably proud of the invaluable contribution they have made both socially and economically over the years. Their fear is that their future could be seriously compromised should the Welsh Government’s proposals go ahead.

“I hope a resolution can be found to alleviate their concerns and provide a solution that is fair to all river users. Local access agreements are essential to protect rivers for all users and to keep our rivers sustainable.”


Caption: Nick Ramsay pictured with Gwent Angling Society Secretary Mark Roberts