AM Hears Gilwern School Road Parking Concerns

Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, paid a visit to Gilwern’s School Road recently to hear from local residents concerned by proposals which could result in them no longer being able to park in spaces they have used by agreement with Monmouthshire County Council for many years.

The residents currently have a dispensation to park in designated bays on the old school site, but the new proposals would end this right if residents are not prepared to purchase a parking space and pay the considerable costs involved in necessary groundworks and ongoing maintenance.

Speaking today, Mr Ramsay said: “I fully appreciate the concerns of local residents having visited School Road and seen the problems for myself. Local County Councillor Jane Pratt has also visited residents and we are working together on this to try to obtain a fair outcome for local residents

“The residents of a number of house are being asked to pay a considerable amount of money for their new parking spaces  and face the prospect of losing the right to park near their homes if they don’t agree.

“ The Council clearly has a duty to obtain the best price for the sale of its land and property, and plans to put the site to tender very soon either with or without the parking space land.

“ Cllr Pratt and I hope it will be possible to come to some compromise to take into account reasonable additional and ongoing costs residents will face to establish permanent parking spaces and maintain them. If not, the local parking problems will only be exacerbated if residents have to find space further from their homes to park their vehicles.”