AM hears of new holiday lets concern

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has written to the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Technology, Edwina Hart AM, after a number of constituents raised concerns about recent changes relating to the assessment of rates on self-catering holiday accommodation.


“New start-up businesses entering this market – often business diversification projects for farmers converting barns in my constituency – must now fulfil the requirement of 70 days letting in the first year of trading to qualify for business rates rather than domestic council tax,” said Nick. “This means that all new businesses must pay council tax until they qualify under the new rules and may then apply to be assessed for business rates.


“The new ruling results in considerably more expense for these genuine new businesses at a time when they can least afford the additional expense,” he said.


The Monmouth AM, who is the Shadow Minister for Business, Enterprise and Technology, has since received a reply from the Minister,  which makes it clear that she has no intention of amending the legislation further.


“I can understand that the new rules may have been introduced to prevent false claims for business rates assessments but felt it should be possible to assess each case on its merits,” said Nick.


“The new ruling does little to encourage businesses to start new tourism ventures in my area -  I am disappointed not to have received a better outcome for my constituents.”