AM Joins Health Board’s Covid-19 Briefing Session

Monmouth Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, joined an informative briefing conference call led by Judith Paget, Chief Executive of Aneurin Bevan University Health Board last Friday when the latest update on the Board’s position was provided to local Assembly Members and Members of Parliament.

Nick was very pleased to hear that the numbers of patients being admitted to our health board’s hospitals with Covid-19 are reducing and that there is definitely a downward trend.  Many more staff both from both the health board and its partner organisations are being tested.  However, it was stressed that there are still 37 patients in our ICU beds, with the  normal maximum being 28 beds, so any relaxation in the current government restrictions would risk  the spread of Covid-19 infection increasing again before pressure has been alleviated.  

Speaking today Nick said: “ I was particularly pleased to hear that there is sufficient PPE in Gwent across the health and social care system currently, and that support and guidance is being provided to our local care homes as necessary.

“The Board is considering the services it may be able to reintroduce in the weeks ahead, and with three centres currently available to provide emergency dental treatment in Gwent, it is hoped that we will start to see a reintroduction of dental care for patients over the coming weeks.

“That said, it is still very important that the messages about handwashing, social distancing and self-isolation continue to be shared and followed to prevent a resurgence of the virus locally. 

“I look forward to the next briefing from Aneurin Bevan University Health Board which will be of great help when trying to keep concerned constituents up to date with the latest developments and health news in our local area.”