AM Notified of Raglan Development Call-In

Assembly Member for Monmouth Nick Ramsay has been formally notified by the Welsh Government of its intention to “call-in” a controversial planning application for 111 houses adjacent to the Monmouth Road in Raglan.

Mr Ramsay received the notification from the office of Lesley Griffiths, the Cabinet Secretary for Planning, on Wednesday 12th December when he was copied in on the official letter to Monmouthshire County Council’s Planning Department.

The Welsh Government has cited a potential contravention of Wales’ Future Generations Act as the reason for the call-in decision.

The Welsh Government has stated “it should be clearly demonstrated the development creates a well-connected sustainable development which promotes greater use of the more sustainable and healthy forms of travel.”

Further - “the application appears to be contrary to national policy.”

Speaking today Mr Ramsay said: “I have been officially notified of the Welsh Government’s decision to call-in Richborough Estates’ planning application for 111 houses in Raglan.

“The Minister is clearly concerned that the proposals to increase the size of the village of Raglan by around a third, without a clear strategy for ensuring the new residents are not reliant on cars, is potentially in contravention of Wales’ Future Generation legislation.

“It’s clearly important Welsh laws are adhered to so I welcome the Welsh Government’s decision in this regard.

“I have asked the Minister to keep me informed of developments so we can all be clear about the status of this application as soon as possible and any advice can be factored in to the local planning process.”