AM Prepares Portfolio of Ambulance Delay Complaints for Meeting with Regional Director


MONMOUTH Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, was extremely concerned to read the report on the front page of this week’s Beacon of the 91 year old lady who apparently waited two hours for an ambulance following a fall in Goldwire Lane.

The local Assembly Member is putting together a portfolio of complaints he has received recently from constituents concerning unacceptable delays with the ambulance service. Nick intends to discuss these complaints and particularly the ambulance problem in Monmouth with the Regional Director and Chairman of the Welsh Ambulance Trust at a meeting now scheduled to take place in Cwmbran on Friday 13 th April.

Speaking today Nick said: “The front page of this week’s Beacon shows that my meeting with the ambulance service cannot come a moment too soon.

“Unfortunately, the meeting was originally scheduled to take place on 14th February but has already been  postponed on two occasions due to the Regional Director’s other commitments.

“In view of the ongoing problems locally I hope that next month’s postponed meeting will go ahead as planned.  Any constituents with serious complaints about ambulance delay should contact me if they would like their case to be discussed at the meeting.”