AM presses for meeting to discuss Chepstow's infrastructure

Chepstow residents hoping for a site meeting with the Welsh Government’s Cabinet Minister for Infrastructure, Ken Skates AM, will have to wait until the outcome of the planning process is known, Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay has been told.

Mr Ramsay wrote to the Minister after attending a meeting with around 40 residents who have concerns about the infrastructure of the town, particularly in the light of a proposed new housing development of some 600 new properties at Mabey Bridge.

Local residents also fear that traffic congestion, in particular on the A48 near Tesco, could be exacerbated should the plans go ahead. Further reservations were expressed about a proposal for a new roundabout at the junction with Tesco and a one-way system .

Speaking after the meeting Mr Ramsay said: “I have asked the Minister if the Welsh Government has given consideration to developing a mid to long term plan for the infrastructure in the town and surrounding area.

“I also asked Mr Skates if he would be willing to meet myself and local residents on site so that we could discuss their concerns. However, it seems that as Monmouthshire County Council is still currently involved in the planning process for the development, the Minister is not in a position to commit to any plans or works at this time, although he has indicated that he will be happy to meet once the outcome of the planning process is known. 

“Chepstow is likely to see significant development over the next decade so it is vital that we have a comprehensive plan for infrastructure.”