AM Questions Relevance of South Wales Metro for Monmouthshire

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, asked questions during last week’s Business Statement in the Senedd on how the new South Wales Metro would benefit his Monmouth constituency.

Addressing Rebecca Evans AM , Mr Ramsay said: “ Regarding the South Wales metro: developing the metro must be a key part of the Government's strategy to deal with the climate emergency and to get people off the roads. We know that you, with your other hat on, have been bringing forward a green budget, and dealing with the climate emergency is key to that budget, so the metro and funding for the metro must be important over the years to come. But could we have an update from the Minister for transport on where we are with the metro? In my area, I know a number of concerns have been raised with me recently. The town of Monmouth, for instance, has been firstly off the metro map, then it was on the metro map, then it was back on—there were a number of maps going around, some official, some not. So, I wonder if we could have clarity from the Minister and from the Welsh Government as to what that map looks like at the moment.162

I think the metro is a great idea; I think we're all united in thinking that, but, clearly, in an area like south-east Wales, if people living in the rural fringes, such as my constituency, feel that they're going to be left off that map further down the line, then that doesn't reassure them. It doesn't look as though the Welsh Government is doing everything it can to get people off the roads and onto public transport, as I'm sure would be your key objective in the future to deal with climate change.”

Rebecca Evans AM responded:” On the issue of the metro projects, I'm very pleased to be able to respond positively to that request for a statement. Ken Skates intends to make an oral statement to the Assembly on the twenty-fifth of this month on the metro projects in Wales.”