AM Raises Concerns About Safety of Incineration

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, raised concerns about possible negative health implications arising from incineration in the Assembly chamber during the Business Statement last Tuesday.

Speaking in the chamber Nick said: “Neil McEvoy has stolen my thunder on an issue I was going to raise on incineration, as I've also had a local issue in Monmouthshire, just outside Usk, with concerns surrounding a proposal for an incinerator. I think you said, in answer to Neil McEvoy, that the Welsh Government is going to be looking at this. I know that, across the water in the United States, there have been concerns for some time about incineration and possible health effects. So, if we could have some renewed guidance or new research carried out into the effects of incineration, I think that would put a lot of our minds at rest.”

The Minister for Finance, Rebecca Evans AM, replied explaining that the Health Minister would ask Public Health Wales “to look at the evidence on incineration to ensure that members are best informed in terms of any impacts there might be on public health.”