AM raises concerns over access to dementia care

MONMOUTH AM Nick Ramsay has asked the Welsh Government for a statement on what guidance will be given to local health boards to ensure that vulnerable people will not have to travel unreasonable distances to access dementia care following the recommended closure of the St Pierre dementia ward at Chepstow Community Hospital.

Raising the issue during last week’s business statement at the Senedd, Mr Ramsay said: “Many of my constituents are deeply worried about the Aneurin Bevan’s Health Board’s decision to close the St Pierre dementia ward."

St Pierre is the only in-patient dementia ward in Monmouthshire and its proposed closure has met with strong opposition from people living in and around Chepstow.

Mr Ramsay said: “Patients are extremely concerned about the prospect of the extra cost and difficulties involved in having to travel either to St Woolos Hospital in Newport or Ysbyty Tri Chwm in Ebbw Vale in order to access the care they need.

“I look forward to hearing what guidance will be given to local health boards on this worrying issue.”