AM Raises Monmouthshire Schoolchildren’s Environmental Concerns with First Minister

Local Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, raised the concerns of youngsters in the Silverbirch class at Usk Church in Wales Primary School during  First Minister’s Questions at the Assembly earlier this week..

Pupils wrote to Nick because they are concerned about the increasing demand for palm oil, which is used in food, cosmetics and many other everyday items. Our demand for these products containing palm oil is resulting in the destruction of tropical rainforests to make way for plantations.

Nick praised the pupils for highlighting an issue that should be of concern to all of us.

Speaking to the First Minister Nick said: “Can you tell them what the Welsh Government is doing in the fightback against the demand for palm oil on the one hand and, in the wider sense, against the threat to forests across the world?”

The First Minister responded: “ I’m very glad indeed that their concerns are being aired on the floor of the national Assembly. Concern for the environment is very much a generationally-driven set of concerns.

“We know how much young people are invested in making sure that the planet that they will have to look after arrives in their stewardship in as good a state as we can make it.”

He added that not using “unethically sourced palm oil” was a condition of entering into a public contract in Wales, and the Welsh Government has also committed to planting at least 2,000 hectares of new woodland by 2030, creating a new Welsh national forest.