AM receives 500th SWHP postcard


MONMOUTH Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, has now received the 500th postcard in support of the microchip and passport campaign launched by the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies (SWHP).

Last winter was one of the busiest and most difficult ever experienced by the Monmouth based horse hospital, with dozens of abandoned and neglected horses and ponies being rescued and taken into the horse hospital’s care.

Although it is a legal requirement for every horse to have a passport and for all foals born after July 2009 to be microchipped, an increasing number of unscrupulous owners are flouting the law and not being prosecuted, making it impossible to establish ownership.

By launching a petition calling on the Welsh government to implement the microchipping laws, SWHP hope to bring those who flout the law to justice.

Nick, who was present at the horse hospital to launch the campaign, said he was delighted to be involved with such a worthy cause and by the huge response both from constituents and from further afield.  

“It is a huge problem, not just in Wales but across the UK. Places like SWHP are left to care for these poor neglected horses and ponies and pick up the bill to provide them with passports and microchips.

“The Welsh government has a duty to ensure that the microchipping laws are implemented and that these reckless owners are brought to justice.

“It is clear from the deluge of postcards I have received that this is an issue that people feel very passionate about and are keen to support.”

Postcards are available from SWHP, local vets and feed merchants or there is an online petition at the Welsh Assembly Government, which is linked via