AM Receives Update on Raglan Castle Improved Access

Assembly Member for Monmouth Nick Ramsay renewed his calls for improved pedestrian access to Raglan Castle during questions in the Senedd last month.

Mr Ramsay today received a letter from the Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Elis-Thomas AM providing an update on the issue.

Nick has been supporting local campaigners calling for a footbridge over the busy A40 to improve pedestrian access to Raglan Castle.

The letter explained that Cadw’s websites have been updated to advise visitors of facilities and access to their sites, but improvements to access routes and signage will take longer to implement as the Local Authority will need to be involved in any improvements.

The Deputy Minister also explained that the local petition calling for a safer crossing to the castle will be considered as part of a three-year Speed Limit Review, looking at over 600 sites on all trunk roads in Wales.

Speaking today Nick said,” Although I am grateful for this update from the Welsh Government, it does little to allay my constituents’ fears about the dangers of crossing the A40 to gain pedestrian access to Raglan Castle. I have been promised further updates, but I will continue to press for action on this issue in the hope safety improvements for pedestrians will be forthcoming before much longer.”