AM Remembers Gallipoli


Nick Ramsay, Assembly Member for Monmouth, attended the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign, the failed plan to open a second front in Turkey and bring the Great War to a close.

The Gallipoli landings were made from the River Clyde, a painting of which was re-dedicated at a service at St Mary's Church following the parade through the town on Sunday.

"I was honoured to take part in the parade and to be presenting the re-dedication of the painting of the River Clyde.

"It is vital we remember the sacrifices made by those brave soldiers 100 years ago.

"Gallipoli may not have been a military success but it is remembered as an example of the supreme efforts of Monmouthshire soldiers to do their duty in the most difficult of situations.

“A number of those fighting in the First World War came from Chepstow and other Monmouthshire towns. Many were never to return to their homes.

“Without their sacrifices we wouldn't be here today."