AM speaks out over Airport “Blank Cheque”

Assembly Member for Monmouth and Chair of the Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee, Nick Ramsay, has described ongoing Welsh Government funding for Cardiff Airport as effectively amounting to a “blank cheque” for the business.

The Welsh Government has recently announced an extra £21.2 million “loan” for the airport in addition to a previous loan of £38 million in 2015.

Speaking today Mr Ramsay said:

“The announcement of a new £21.2 million for Cardiff Airport raises some serious concerns.

“The Welsh Government has committed to this new loan without providing any detail on what the money is for or when it will be paid back.

“This comes on top of a previous loan of £38 million in 2015 which has also yet to be paid back.

“This all amounts to a considerable sum of taxpayers’ money and the public have the right to expect that there is a coherent and rigid timetable for this to be recovered.

“Businesses in my constituency do not receive this level of support from the Welsh Government and will understandably be questioning the fairness of these funding priorities.

“We need far more clarity on what this money is being provided for and when we will see an end to what effectively amounts to a “blank cheque” for Cardiff Airport.”