AM To Visit Mardy Persimmon Homes Site

Monmouth Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, has arranged a site visit to Mardy next Thursday when he will be meeting local County Councillor Malcolm Lane and constituent Nigel Lewis to see for himself the problems being caused for local residents who are having to put up with mud and water running off the Persimmon Homes development site.

Speaking today Nick said: “Having read the article on the front page of last week’s Chronicle, and subsequently being contacted by constituents concerned about the ongoing problems being caused by the development of the site, I have arranged a visit to see how bad the problems are for myself.

“ I will be contacting Persimmon Homes and the Council if necessary following the site meeting in the hope that the situation for residents affected by the building work can be improved. Local people can’t be expected to endure problems like this long term, and their complaints need to be taken seriously.”