AM welcomes cuts in tolls

The return to public ownership of the two Severn Bridges and the resultant cut in tolls, has been welcomed by Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay who said “This is an historic day, which is good news for motorists and for Monmouthshire’s economy.”

Speaking on Monday, Mr Ramsay said: “Tolls have long been seen as a brake on the South Wales economy. Many, myself included, have campaigned for tolls to be scrapped and I am delighted that finally this is beginning to happen, and we can look forward to charges being completely abolished by the end of the year.

"Scrapping the tolls is a clear statement that Wales and particularly Monmouthshire is open for business.

"Scrapping the tolls is a shot in the arm for the South Wales economy and will help deliver economic security for families in Monmouthshire and the rest of South Wales."