AM welcomes extra money for Monmouthshire roads

MONMOUTH AM Nick Ramsay has welcomed an announcement by the Welsh Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Local Government, Alun Davies AM that Monmouthshire County Council is to receive £921,218 from the Welsh Government towards road maintenance during the next financial year.

In total the Welsh Government is providing £30 million towards refurbishing roads across all local authorities.

During last week’s plenary session, Mr Ramsay asked Mr Davies what share of a new £30 million capital grant Monmouthshire County Council could expect to receive and also how the money would be divided between urban and rural authorities.

Speaking in the Assembly Mr Ramsay said: “Cabinet Secretary, given that you've got those very useful figures to hand in front of you, it would be remiss of me not to ask about my own local authority…What share is Monmouthshire County Council going to receive of that £30 million?...And, also, in terms of the wider sharing out of that money, how do you envisage it being divided between urban and rural authorities, because there are clearly a large number of rural roads that are falling into disrepair and facing closure, and it's a lot more costly to try and maintain some of those roads in some of our rural authorities across Wales?”

Speaking after his question to the Cabinet Secretary Mr Ramsay said: “Whilst I welcome this new money for Monmouthshire’s roads, I remain concerned that funding for road refurbishment is not always fairly distributed between urban and rural authorities based upon need.

“I will continue to argue for a funding formula that is fairer to rural authorities like Monmouthshire.”