AM Welcomes Monmouthshire’s Role in Trialling Loneliness Map

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, has welcomed news that Monmouthshire will be the first area in the UK to test new digital technology will aims to identify the “loneliest” parts of the county.

The UK government funded project then aims to match residents’ interests to activities nearby, and to work out a way of getting them there.

If the trial in Monmouthshire is successful , then the project could be rolled out to the rest of the UK.

Speaking today Nick said: “It’s great news that Monmouthshire will be trialling this innovative new idea which I hope will prove to be successful.

“With many people across the country feeling lonely, and surprisingly, not only elderly people, anything that can be done to help those who are isolated or have social fears to take part in local events is to be welcomed.

“ I understand that the project may also be able to help promote lift-sharing schemes and could help reduce social care costs too. I will be watching the trial with interest.”