AM welcomes progress on local broadband issues

Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay has welcomed news from the Welsh Government Minister responsible for broadband, Julie James AM, that premises at Catherine Close, Monmouth, are to be connected to fibre broadband and will be able to place an order in the next few weeks.

Mr Ramsay wrote to the Minister after meeting residents on Monmouth’s Rockfield Estate who were frustrated by their patchy broadband service, which made it impossible for parents to work whilst their children were watching TV or using tablets.

Having appealed to the Welsh Government to look into the problem as a matter of urgency, Mr Ramsay said he was pleased to receive a positive response from the Minister.

“I understand that Openreach have been asked by officials for an update on plans for the area and to find out why there is a discrepancy in the download speeds available. However, while Openreach have confirmed that some premises have already been connected to fibre broadband, they say that further engineering work needs to be completed before other premises will be able to order a fibre service and unfortunately they are unable to guarantee that every premises will be connected to fibre at the moment.

“An open market review and public consultation has recently been undertaken to identify all premises unable to secure a superfast broadband connection under the Superfast Cymru project or the commercial rollouts of telecommunications companies so that the availability of superfast broadband can be extended across Wales via a second Superfast Cymru initiative. Responses to the consultation are being analysed over the summer with a view to carrying out a procurement exercise in the autumn ready for the new scheme to start in early 2018.

“I hope it won’t be too long before these broadband issues can be resolved and the remaining not spots across the county can be filled.”