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Help Welsh businesses weather the storm

Diolch, Presiding Officer. Today we are calling on the Welsh Government to provide more information regarding the £10 million additional funding for business rate relief announced before Christmas.

Acting in the best interests of Wales

Cabinet Secretary, can I welcome your statement today—and that’s not just paying lip service to it; as you know, I genuinely welcome the potential that this framework offers Wales and, indeed, the UK for the future.


There is one organ of the body which is virtually bound to cause problems to everyone at some point in their lives, as likely when young as old. Problems with this, the largest organ of our bodies, can cause embarrassment, pain, disability and death to all ages, and account for 1 in 5 of all GP appointments. In fact over 720,000 people visit their GP in Wales each year with problems with this organ. It's almost inevitable it will, at the very least, cause each of us some discomfort this year. Yet across the UK it attracts little attention or priority, funding and minimal training for medical students or those working in the medical professions. 

The Impact of Procurement Policy in Wales

I’m pleased to move the amendment in the name of Paul Davies. Presiding Officer, Public procurement is a crucial piece of the Welsh economic jigsaw and I welcome this debate today, indeed I think this is an area worthy of far greater discussion in this chamber.  We need to better scrutinise the evolution of Procurement Policy and the overall impact of public procurement across Wales. And the Government must fully grasp the role of procurement as a tool for stimulating home grown economic growth.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Thank you for the opportunity to bring the amazing work Guide Dogs Cyrmu do for blind or partially sighted Welsh people to the light. Before I start, I would like to place on the record my thanks to Guide Dogs Cymru for the assistance that I have had in putting together this debate.

Motor Neurone Disease

The aims of this debate this afternoon are to firstly raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease, secondly to outline some of the challenges facing people with MND in Wales and thirdly, to establish more information and call on the Welsh Government to do more to support people with MND.

Ramsay: Labour isn't working

A speech given to the Welsh Conservative Party Conference at the Liberty Stadium home of Swansea City and the Osperys.