Jaguar decision is ‘disastrous for Wales’


Commenting on Jaguar Land Rover’s decision to set up a factory in Wolverhampton, following consideration of sites in South Wales, Shadow Minister for Business Nick Ramsay AM, said:

“This news is disastrous for Wales and I seriously question the efforts put in by the Welsh Labour government to secure this investment.

“I am aware some discussions took place – but let’s consider the facts. Wolverhampton is an enterprise zone. That means simplified planning, business rate discount and superfast broadband. Wales currently has no similar such zones because the Business Minister’s taking months to get her act together. Given this farce, we can’t blame Jaguar Land Rover for making the decision it has.

“The situation regarding enterprise zones here is now completely untenable. A Labour back-bencher has gone public to say they’re coming – probably because he’s as fed up as the rest of us. Yet still we hear nothing from the Business Minister.

“Wales is now losing precious inward investment and I expect an official announcement this week.”