Local AM Calls for Welsh Government Strategy for a National Forest

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, asked for an update on progress with establishing a national forest during his business statement contribution in the Assembly Chamber on 3rd December.

Speaking in the Chamber Nick said: “Could we have an update from the Welsh Government on proposals for a national forest? I know that this is something that is in the pipeline and there have been different ideas about how it might be achieved. It's very much in vogue at the moment, with many parties in the UK general election looking at ways that we can plant more trees. I think all of us would agree that that is a good way to go, but the issue is how you do that, how quickly you do it and where those trees are planted, whether it's done on a local authority basis, which I think is the Welsh Government's plan, rather than having it in one place.

“ So, I wonder if we could have an update on the Welsh Government's strategy for making sure that we make Wales greener in the future and we make a lead across the UK to show that we can be the most sustainable and environmentally friendly part of the UK in the future.” 

Rebecca Evans AM responded:” In terms of a national forest, I also share the enthusiasm of various parties that are now grappling with and understanding the importance of ensuring that we are planting trees in the right places, and that we put in those plans for the maintenance of our woodlands and our forests as well. I will speak to the Minister with responsibility for this to explore what opportunities there might be in due course to update the Assembly on our plans in that area.”