Local AM Press Welsh Government for Priority for Vulnerable Needing Supermarket Deliveries

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, has been inundated with emails from vulnerable constituents who are extremely frustrated that there is still no priority for supermarket delivery slots in Wales for vulnerable residents as exists in England.

Many people who are self-isolating due to their age or for medical reasons have become annoyed when trying to register online for the priority service, only to be informed that they are not eligible as the scheme only applies to those living in England.

Speaking today Nick said: “ I have raised this with the Welsh Government, but will do so again.

“ It’s clearly very important that vulnerable people in Wales have the same protection and help as those across the border in England.

“ Constituents are telling me that they don’t want charity food boxes – they are quite happy to pay for their groceries as usual – but they do want help placing an order and obtaining a delivery slot within a reasonable time so that they don’t put themselves at risk by having to leave their isolation.

“ I hope the Welsh Government will get this organised very soon as it’s certainly a major problem for many of my Monmouth constituents at the moment.”