Local AM Receives Complaints About Delays at Coroner’s Office

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, has received complaints from families of bereaved constituents who are facing delays with organising family funerals due to problems at the Gwent Coroner’s Office.

Having contacted the Newport office that handles administration for the Coroner, it was confirmed that cases are experiencing delays due to several factors that have arisen. It seems that the appointment of a new Gwent Coroner, coupled with a greater number of deaths in recent weeks and the installation of a new software system which has taken staff time to master, have all led to more delays than the office would have liked.

Speaking today Nick said; “ My staff have attempted to contact the Coroner’s office on a number of occasions in recent days to raise constituent’s concerns. It has proved very difficult to obtain a response by phone and calls are not being returned.

“ Local Registrars have also reported to my office that they cannot get through to the Coroner’s office either and are also receiving complaints from bereaved families.”

“ Clearly the staff assisting the Coroner’s office are struggling with a heavy workload and new computer system, but this needs to be resolved urgently as considerable distress is being caused to families who are being prevented from arranging a timely funeral for their deceased family members.

“I hope it won’t be much longer before problems are resolved.”