Local AM Rejects Controversial Raglan Road Scheme

Local AM Nick Ramsay has spoken out against controversial proposals to introduce parking restrictions along the High Street through the village of Raglan.

If implemented, the proposed road scheme would see a one hour parking restriction imposed on the southern side of the High Street, with parking completely outlawed during the day on the northern side.

Concerned local people flocked to a public consultation on the proposals at the Beaufort Hotel in Raglan on Monday.

Speaking after the exhibition, Mr Ramsay, himself a resident of the village, said:

“I do not believe these proposals are in the best interests of either the residents of Raglan or local businesses. In fact, I think they could potentially be highly damaging.

“Whilst I welcome any discussion around ways that traffic flows through the village can be improved, I fear that removing parked vehicles in the day will only risk speeding up the traffic and place greater pressure on adjacent roads and parking areas.

“I also share the concerns of local businesses – some already struggling with huge hikes in their business rates – that any restrictions will reduce the passing trade that has to date made the High Street viable.

“Whilst only a consultation at this stage, I think this scheme is in essence a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

“I hope the views of the vast majority of the public are heard loud and clear and this scheme is dropped at the earliest opportunity.”




Attached photo shows Nick at the Raglan exhibition with local residents