Local AM Renews Calls for Llanellen Bridge Upgrade

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, has written to the Welsh Government to raise concerns once again about the dangerous narrow hump-backed bridge at Llanellen.

Nick was contacted by local motorists following the recent accident at the bridge involving a number of cars and a juggernaut

Speaking today Nick said: “ This latest accident reinforces local people’s view that the old bridge is not fit for purpose.

“ Increasing volumes of traffic result in the bridge being extremely busy and it is too narrow to allow large lorries and cars to pass.

“ With the new critical care hospital at Llanfrechfa due to open in the near future, the bridge will lie on the main route for emergency vehicles trying to access the hospital from Abergavenny. Should there be an accident at the bridge then ambulances will be severely delayed if they have to use an alternative route to the new hospital.

“ This problem , combined with the flooding we have faced in the vicinity of the bridge makes this section of the A4042 unfit for purpose, so I’m calling on the Welsh Government to give this issue priority.”