Local AM Requests Statement on Drinking Water Resilience

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, requested a statement on drinking water resilience across Wales from the Welsh Government during the Business Statement in the Chamber on Tuesday this week.

Nick raised his concerns following the problems at Mayhill water treatment works in Monmouth caused by the recent flooding.

Nick stated as follows: “There was a pretty major issue with the Mayhill water treatment works in Monmouth last week, which I know the Minister is aware of. The treatment works were flooded. Dŵr Cymru could not get into the treatment works to fix it, so they ended up having to put on replacement tankers. They did an incredibly good job, actually, despite the fact that lots of the roads were flooded, and the worst-case scenario was warded off.

“However, I wonder if the Minister could look at drinking water resilience across Wales to make sure that, in future, any weak spots in the system like the Mayhill treatment station are dealt with, so that people across Wales can be sure that, when we in future do have more instances— as we probably will, with climate change increasing—like the recent flooding, the water system will be able to cope.”

In response, Rebecca Evans AM, Minister for Finance and Trefnydd stated :” I'm very pleased that the treatment works issues that you described have now been resolved but, of course, the Minister has been here to hear your request for a statement on drinking water resilience more widely.”