Local AM Responds to Concerns of Community Health Council ​​​​​​​

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, held a meeting today with Jemma McHale, Deputy Chief Officer of Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council, to hear the views and concerns of the CHC on the Health & Social Care (Quality & Engagement ) (Wales) Bill currently being considered by the Welsh Government.

Speaking after the meeting Nick said: “I was pleased to hear that Aneurin Bevan CHC broadly welcomes the changes being proposed by the Bill, but requires two main issues to be reviewed.

“ I will be writing to Vaughan Gething AM, Welsh Government Health Minister firstly to stress how important it is for CHCs to have the right of unannounced  visits in health and social care settings without the need for prior agreement or permission.

“Secondly, I will be supporting the CHC in their wish for the new legislation to include a statutory requirement for Health Authorities to respond when any concern is raised by the CHC.

“ The fact that social care issues are proposed to be included within the remit of CHCs is welcomed and a positive change included in the Bill. Legislation is at an early stage, so I am hopeful that improvements can be made to include the amendments requested by Aneurin Bevan CHC.”


Attached photo shows Nick Ramsay AM with Jemma McHale, Deputy Chief Officer of Aneurin Bevan CHC at the meeting in Usk today.