Local AM Speaks on Climate Change

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, referred to climate change issues during the Assembly’s Business Statement last week.

Speaking in the Senedd Nick said:

“Yesterday was United Nations world ozone day, which I Facebooked and tweeted about. It's the thirty-second anniversary of the Montreal protocol that banned ozone-destroying CFC chemicals from aerosols and fridges and other utensils and household appliances. That was an enormous success. It was a positive that showed that when the world community gets together they can tackle really big environmental issues and it can be done in a way that here we are, 30 years on, and not only is the ozone hole in Antarctica now repairing itself, but it's estimated by 2060 it will be completely healed. That's brilliant news. Hopefully, your climate change emergency and that of local authorities in Wales will be able to deal with the issue of global warming and in the future we'll look back and say that was a similar success.”

Rebecca Evans AM stated in response to Nick’s comments: “I share your enthusiasm for UN world ozone day and it certainly is an example of the power that can be drawn upon when countries work together for an important reason.”