Local AM Supports Ramblers’ Campaign

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, is supporting the Ramblers’ current “ Don’t Lose Your Way” campaign which aims to use volunteers to identify paths which may be lost by 2026 unless they are recorded on the definitive rights of way.

Our paths are one of our most precious assets, hidden in plain sight, and often taken for granted. Many paths are not recorded on the definitive map of rights of way, and if they’re not found and added by the cut-off date of 1 January 2026 when the map must be completed, they could be lost forever. To meet the deadline will be a huge undertaking, and the Ramblers need thousands of people to help.

Speaking today Nick said: “ Our paths allow everyone to enjoy the countryside, both on our doorstep and right across Britain’s landscapes. That’s why I’m supporting this campaign to help build a growing movement across the country to uncover and save our lost paths and hidden ways before it’s too late.

“I’d encourage anyone interested in this cause to visit https://dontloseyourway.ramblers.org.uk to find out more about how you can help.”