Local AM Urges All to “Have Your Say About Taxes in Wales”


MONMOUTH Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, is encouraging everyone to get involved with the debate on how Wales is financed in the future.

The Commission on Devolution in Wales (also known as “The Silk Commission”), has created a new interactive section to its website: http://commissionondevolutioninwales.independent.gov.uk/getinvolved  with a debating section and online questionnaire to gauge the public’s thoughts on whether the Welsh Government should have tax varying and borrowing powers.

Nick explains: “At present, all taxes raised in Wales, apart from council tax and business rates are paid to the UK Government. The UK Government then allocates money to the Welsh Government in the form of a block grant to spend as it sees fit on the areas for which it is responsible.

“The Silk Commission has been asked by the UK Government to look at how Wales is financed in the future. During the first stage of the Commission’s work it is looking at whether the Welsh Government should have new borrowing powers and whether some tax powers should be transferred from the UK Government to Cardiff.

“It’s vital that as many people as possible provide their views to the Commission to help them with their work. The Commission wants to engage with people across Wales, and the new online features of the website will enable people to pass on their comments from the comfort of their own homes.

“Over the next few months the Commission will also be hosting various events open to the public around Wales to encourage open and lively debate. Events in South Wales are expected to be announced shortly, and I would urge everyone to get involved in this debate as the Commission’s report will impact every community in Wales.”