Local Senedd Member  Raises Concerns about Plans for Raglan High Street

Local Senedd  Member, Nick Ramsay, is raising concerns about plans to amend the traffic system through Raglan High Street following representations received from constituents.

Monmouthshire County Council is planning to introduce a one way system in the High Street to help with Covid 19 social distancing requirements, but some constituents have expressed concerns about the proposals.

Speaking today Nick said: “Many residents and business people in Raglan are concerned by proposals which they feel should go through a proper consultation before being introduced.

“Although people appreciate the need to maintain adequate social distancing,  we have to think of wellbeing of businesses too. Making Raglan high street one way would put pressure on the surrounding road network with loss of car parking spaces and delivery space. This could well prove bad for local businesses at a time when the local economy needs more support than ever before.

"I will be contacting the council with the concerns that have been drawn to my attention."