MONMOUTH AM to host visit of Salvadorean diplomat

DISTINGUISHED Salvadorean Parliamentarian and UN Ambassador Ruben Zamora will be the guest of Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay when he visits the Welsh Assembly on March 15th as part of a Romero Festival leading up to Romero Day on March 24th. 

Ruben’s visit to the Welsh Assembly is one of a number of events being organised by the Romero Trust, whose aim is to make the life, ministry and martyrdom of Oscar Romero better known in Britain.

Oscar Romero was Archbishop of San Salvador when he was assassinated on March 24th 1980 as he was celebrating Mass. Thirty five years later he was declared a martyr and beatified in 2015. 

Ruben will talk about Monsenor Romero and the situation in El Salvador today and then answer questions relating to his talk. 

Mr Ramsay said he was delighted to be invited to host the event, adding: “”Ruben Zamora has a distinguished career as a diplomat and social democratic politician who was a passionate advocate for peace throughout the country’s war.

“As a founding member of the political opposition front, FDR, he travelled the world to build up diplomatic support for peace negotiations but was forced to spend some years in exile following threats to his family, 

“During the 1990s he served as Vice President of the National Assembly but in late 2017 stepped down as El Salvador’s representative at the United Nations, having previously served as an Ambassador to the United States and to India. 

“He is currently based in El Salvador as an Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

“We are delighted to have been invited to be part of Ruben’s visit to Great Britain.”