Monmouth MS Pays Tribute to Mohammad Asghar

Senedd Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay has paid tribute to Mohammad Asghar, Welsh Conservative Senedd Member for South Wales East, who has passed away at the age of 74.

Mr Asghar passed away suddenly at his home in Newport on Tuesday morning.

Speaking today, Mr Ramsay said:

“I am absolutely devastated to hear of the passing of my colleague and friend Mohammad Asghar.

“Oscar was a dedicated and hardworking Member of the Senedd. He was also a kind, warm and generous person who would light up a room.

“Born in Peshawar in what was then British India in 1945, he had the distinction of being the first Assembly Member elected from an ethnic minority.

“Oscar brought a different perspective to Welsh politics and made an important contribution during his time as a Senedd Member.

“Over the years he, his wife Firdaus and daughter Natasha became close friends to my wife Jen and I and we shared many happy times together that we will always cherish.

“Rest in peace Oscar. Our thoughts are with Firdaus and the family at this sad time.”