Nick Calling for Religious Buildings to Re-open for Private Prayer

Local Senedd  Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, is calling on the Welsh Government to permit religious buildings in Wales to re-open for private prayer following the news that under UK Government plans to be announced shortly, places of worship in England will be allowed to re-open in a limited way from the middle of this month if they are happy to do so.

Speaking today Nick said: Spiritual wellbeing is an important aspect of many people’s emotional wellbeing, with many church services having seen a boost to their congregations over recent weeks as online church services become the norm. The news that places of worship in England will be reopening for individual prayer from next week is a positive development, and  I am now calling on the Welsh Government to follow suit and allow religious buildings here to open their doors in a similar way.

“This is already permitted in Northern Ireland, but not in Wales and Scotland. Re-opening places of worship would, in my opinion, be very welcome for those seeking comfort and consolation in these difficult times, and would enable those who have lost loved ones to mourn their loss.”