Nick Calls For Statement on Safety of Incinerators

During Nick Ramsay AM’s contribution to the Business Statement in the Assembly Chamber on 10th December, the local Assembly Member for Monmouth raised the issue of local concerns about the safety of new incinerators.

During his contribution Nick said:  Mike Hedges raised the issue of incineration, which I know a number of Members have raised over the last few weeks and months. I've had an issue in my own constituency just outside Usk with a plan for a new incinerator. As Mike will know, when those proposals come on, they cause great controversy locally and people do look for reassurance. Perhaps we could have a statement from the Minister with regard to how people can be reassured, and perhaps that these projects shouldn't go ahead until and unless there is a confirmation of their safety.”

Rebecca Evans AM replied: “ The request for a statement on incineration: I'll make sure that the Minister with responsibility for waste is aware of the interest in a statement from Members.”

Nick will be following up this request in the coming weeks.