Nick Raises Concerns over Barclays’ Plans to Prevent Cash Withdrawals from Post Offices

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, has raised his concerns with Barclays Bank over its announcement that customers will  be prevented from making cash withdrawals from their accounts in Post Office branches from 8th January 2020.

The Post Office has expressed its disappointment that Barclays has made this decision which will clearly cause inconvenience to many Barclays customers who have been relying on their Post Office branch to withdraw cash from their Barclays account.

Speaking today Nick said: “ I have written to Barclays raising my concerns about this decision and have asked why the decision has been made.

“ Constituents have already been in touch with me explaining how difficult it will be for them to withdraw cash free of charge from their account with Barclays when they had been relying on the Post Office for this service. Some face a long journey to a Barclays branch or free cash machine they could use. They are telling me that if the decision is not reversed they will be closing their Barclays account and banking elsewhere.”