Nick Raises Concerns Over Illegal Access to River at Pantygoytre Bridge

Local Member of the Welsh Parliament for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, has been contacted by landowners, Pontypool Park Estates, regarding illegal access over recent months to the river in the area surrounding Pantygoytre Bridge.

Reports have been received of large numbers of people congregating on privately owned land surrounding the bridge which can lead to environmental damage and conflict with others legitimately using the land.

Speaking today Nick said: “ I was very concerned to receive these reports recently and am taking up the matter with Natural Resources Wales to see what can be done.

“ Whilst everyone wants to access the countryside, and this is to be encouraged, it isn’t acceptable to stray onto land which is privately owned and of environmental importance and potentially cause damage.

“Relaxation of lockdown has seen an unprecedented increase in the number of people venturing into local beauty spots often where there is no right of access. We have to find a reasonable compromise to safeguard the local environment whilst permitting people to access the countryside in reasonable numbers without causing damage.

“ As we move out of the school holidays and summer months hopefully there will be a decline in problems of this kind, but I am asking Natural Resources Wales to look into the problem for the future.”